Fabio Zonin, Master SFG

I had the opportunity to meet Michael in person only a few times, but we wrote to each other for a long time and we exchanged a many ideas, thoughts and opinions on various topics, not only training. 

We met at an event sponsored by StrongFirst Israel, and he comes from a background in Girevoy Sport. Two schools that are very different, and seemingly at odds, at least with regard to many principles on which they rely. Nevertheless, he has followed my lessons with an open mind and without any preconceptions. And this is the hallmark of a true professional. In many of our email exchanges Michael and I discussed about training methodology, and he has always shown an incredible thirst for knowledge. He is not content, however, to only assimilate notions, he is always eager to go into details, in order to understand all the mechanisms that are at their basis. He observes, listens and assimilates, but always with a fair critical spirit, allowing him to take the best from all that he learns, and make it his own. He even managed to improve a super-tested program that I have forwarded to him! 
The school to which I belong to has a code of conduct, to which every member have to apply. This code reads:
• I am a student of strength. • I am a teacher of strength. • I am a quiet professional. • The way I carry my strength matters. • Strength has a greater purpose.
Even if Michael is not (yet) a certified instructor of my school, this code is inbuilt in him!

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