7 במאי 2014

12 - Sept - 2012 The journey begins

So apparently I was wrong and instead of Periformis Syndrome I got myself a nice Herniated Lumbar Disk...
The question is:
- Does it change anything?
The answers will wary from one pole to the opposite. Mine is:
Nothing and Everything

Let me indulge you with some of my observing over myself as a trainee and my clients as their P.T.

In a world we live in, if you scan the whole population you'll find some pathology! Simply because it's the way we live... But, as long as it doesn't hurt - you don't care and if it does, you get hooked on a scan result like a junky on a crack without even asking yourself: "Is it really the reason?"...

Here's a funny fact: Your pathologies doesn't have a stamp which says: "Date of production/Best before/Expires at... and yet, you believe that your pain is connected to that very scan!!! Like I said - FUNNY...

I do ask these questions a lot!!! And for me my quest is to find out that very primal reason that usually has everything to do with your spirit/mind and very little with your back!
So for me, business is usual 'cause I don't see myself as a cripple with herniated disk! I'm healthy and yes' my back hearts so let's see what I can do about it!
I recovered myself within a month with Kettlebell Lifting Sport, dealing with load much heavier that i worked with prior to! (And that's, Ladies & Gents, called Irony!)

When you adapt this kind of thinking for yourself - It's changes you beyond recognition!!! (Saying from my personal experience...)
You cross the river from the Realm of asleep to the Realm of awake and it's the best gift you can give to yourself!
WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Begin to feel, hear, speak and really enjoy your body! It's the only partner you can't divorce!!!
You can grow new axons and revive your Nervous System but for that you must become a Gardener and get to know that thing you're leasing for the time period you walk mother earth!!!

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