4 בינואר 2015

The Last Jump

Our life is like a steeplechase - we run and jump over obstacles which says: "kinder-garden", "elementary school", "army", "University", "Marriage" (one of the meanest motherfuckers!), "career", "kids"... etc.
But one day, it happens sooner or later for some of us, you find that it's hard to run so you walk and then, instead of leaping like a young gazelle over a hurdle, you're climbing over it...
Finally there's a fence in front of you, although you try, you can't climb your way over it - so you begin to walk along with a hope to find a lower spot or a hole for you to push yourself through it.

The fence has become a wall...
Beyond that wall you hear the voices of your kids and grand kids, your friends and family calling you to tag along!
You wish you could! You're still trying to play it cool and yell to them that it'll take you a minute and you'll join them on the other side but deep down you know that that minute will never come so you're dragging yourself along that wall towards the dusk of your days while the voices of your love ones are drifting away...

You had your LAST JUMP!

We are the masters of our fate (as cliche as it may sound) and it's our choice to decide just how we're going to live and when the Last Jump occurs!
I'll tell you about mine.
I've already decided about my Last Jump - I'm going to make that Last Leap of my life from this world to the one beyond meaning, that my last breath on earth will be my Last Jump!

When's yours?..

P.S. That's why Squats, DL's and heavy KB Swings are so important - they improve your vertical jump dramatically!...

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