12 ביולי 2014

שלושה צעדים לריפוי עצמי

This is one of my personal entries I've made in my journal and I wish to share with you, since I am not the only one who experienced it…


So apparently I was wrong and instead of Piriformis Syndrome I got myself a nice Herniated Lumbar Disk...

The question is:
- Does it change anything?
The answers will wary from one pole to the opposite. Mine is:

Nothing and Everything

Let me indulge you with some of my observing over myself as a trainee and my clients as their P.T.

In a world we live in, if you scan the whole population you'll find some pathology! Simply because it's the way we live... But, as long as it doesn't hurt - you don't care and if it does, you get hooked on a scan result like a junky on a crack without even asking yourself: "Is it really the reason?"...

Here's a funny fact: Your

pathologies doesn't have a stamp which says: "Date of production/Best before/Expires at... and yet, you believe that your pain is connected to that very scan!!! Like I said - FUNNY...

I do ask these questions a lot!!! And for me my quest is to find out that very primal reason that usually has everything to do with your spirit/mind and very little with your back/body!

So for me, business is usual 'cause I don't see myself as a cripple with herniated disk! I'm healthy and yes, my back hearts so let's see what I can do about it!

I recovered myself within a month with Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport, and basic Barbell lifts (squatting and dead lifting) adjusting the loads and range of motion accordingly.

When you adapt this kind of thinking for yourself - It's changes you beyond recognition!!! (Saying from my personal experience...)
You cross the river from the Realm of asleep to the Realm of awake and it's the best gift you can give to yourself!

- WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Begin to feel, hear, speak and really enjoy your body! It's the only partner you can't divorce!!!
You can grow new axons and revive your Nervous System but for that you must become a Gardener and get to know that thing you're leasing for the time period you walk mother earth!!!”

End of entry.

But that’s me so allow me to downscale it to you:

As I previously mentioned, there’s no link between the pain and the scan test or the pathology you have – ask any physician and he will tell that’s it’s true.  

From here, there is three basic steps I advise you – based on my own personal experience of being a “cripple” from the age of 16 to winning an Israeli GS Championship in 2014 at the age of 36 – that will open a door for a self healing process:

Step 1:

Really and deeply acknowledge the fact that your condition and your pain isn't directly linked our body is more complicated than that!

*** NOTICE: Since I am not your PT and I can’t relate personally for every case, please think carefully and advise your physician before following these, as primal as they are, steps!

Understand that you might lived with this condition for years and the fact that suddenly it hurts just amplifies the fact that is not related!

Step 2:

Pain of the body is the way our soul talk to us. Chinese (and many other alternative medicines) know it for years now!
Want to know how I got rid of my LBP (low back pain) – I searched for my father who left me at the age of 3 and talked to him when I’m 36 and a father to my own son!..

Ask yourself is everything OK at home, work, school? Are you in stress because of some major project exam?..

I wound believe what magical impact those simple inquiries have!

Step 3:


Slowly, within the “painless” range of motion but move.

Movement contracts muscles – muscle contraction make blood flow (in the areas that heart and we want the blood to flow there!) – blood flow bring nutrients and take out the garbage – the more you move the quicker your healing will be!

Remember the river that turns into swamp when water stop run – the exact analogy goes to our bodies…

This is as far as I can lead you and you go on your own!
But taking these “small” three steps solves around 70-80% of your condition!

Don’t get me wrong, the pain is real and should be dealt with primarily, by understanding the root of a problem – as in my case, since my Dad was the trigger so just how much physiotherapy or any kind of treatment could have helped to cure it?

Relief the pain, pretty sure - yes, cure - absolutely not!

Next, I strongly advise to approach a professional trainer (same as we take our car to a shop instead of trying to figure out what’s the problem and fix it on our own) and begin the basic barbell strength program.

So as a farewell I’ll say that - Pain is your friend! Listen to it, be humble and figure out what is it trying to tell you and were to lead you and you’ll become wiser and stronger in no time and for a lifetime!

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